One Asset, One LLC

In this article we’re going to talk about a very important BollitProof rule, so listen up. This rule is one asset, one LLC. Now, what exactly does this mean, and why would you do this? First, it means that we suggest you set up an LLC for each individual asset you own. It can beContinue reading One Asset, One LLC

Basics of Bookkeeping

For business owners, bookkeeping is essential to a good tax return. Simple as that. A tax return is made up of the financial strategies you implement throughout the year as well as the data you saved. So garbage in garbage out. If you have junk financials you’re going to get a junk tax return withContinue reading Basics of Bookkeeping

Basics of Accounting

I understand how intimidating taxes can be. There are a lot of rules to follow and tedious work that can lead a person to exhaustion. So, I want to walk you through the bare-bones basics of tax deductions, but let me first start by telling you why tax accounting and bookkeeping are important. First andContinue reading Basics of Accounting