Randy Boll is the Founder & Tax Architect of BollitProof.

In forming BollitProof, Randy Boll had a vision to create the highest caliber tax strategy firm in the country.

BollitProof is synonymous with high-quality and innovation. Our best-in-class team utilizes a “think tank” type approach by bringing together the most respected and experienced experts from around the world to provide members with the solutions that far exceed the capabilities of other firms. 

Our award winning pedigree is evident in the 50 plus awards that Randy Boll has received in the tax and financial industry, including “40 Under 40.”

Randy has also been written about in national publications such as Forbes, as well as other best selling books. 

BollitProof is the Gold Standard in the tax and asset protection space as recognized by other professionals and members. 

So what is a Tax Architect?
We define a tax architect as a licensed expert in tax and finance who uses innovation to express a client’s personal and professional goals.

BollitProof leads the nation in delivering comprehensive tax and asset protection strategies that virtually every business owner, professional athlete, entertainer, accountant, attorney, and financial advisor can and should utilize.

We have represented hundreds of clients who have saved millions of dollars in tax that they otherwise would have paid to Uncle Sam. We also have the resources and financial strength to stand next to its members, lock arms, and battle to save every cent, legally, from the Tax Man. 

BollitProof takes an active approach to collaboration with independent advisors and accountants from a wide array of disciplines to engineer innovative, compliance-first, strategies that fundamentally transform an individuals tax paradigm.

To boot, BollitProof maintains a sterling reputation for client service. Although, we did not invent tax and asset protection strategies, we’ve certainly perfected bringing the best strategies to our members through videos, articles, podcasts, social media and the like. 

We take tax and asset protection strategy seriously. It’s our business and nobody does it better.