Winning the Tax Game

What’s the real benefit of saving money with tax strategies? 

Firstly, you get to win the game. If you’re competitive like me, according to my strength-finders test, you like winning. 

Unfortunately with the IRS, it’s a zero sum game. Either we win, or they win. Either we save a dollar in taxes or we owe them money off that dollar in taxes. 

I am confident in our game with the IRS, we can win. And the best part? We can win using THEIR rules. 

Secondly, many people (if not most) have debt. Typically what we see with people who have debt, is they don’t even know how they got into debt in the first place.

Let’s talk about why saving taxes is important. 

Let’s say you make $100,000/year and you normally have to pay $30,000 in taxes. But because you’re using the BollitProof tax strategies, you end up only having to pay $10,000 in tax. What happens with that extra $20,000?

If you’re smart and follow our suggestions, it should be used toward consumer debt. In other words, just by reducing your taxes you can start paying down the debt you owe with the freed up cash. 

It’s all in how you look at this, and I encourage you to think of tax strategies as debt reducers.

Adding tax strategies from BollitProof increases the likelihood to literally put cash in your pocket. That cash either goes to the IRS or stay in your pocket. 

The question is: Who do you want to have your cash? 

Let’s look at cars as an example. If you had an option between driving a new car or paying the IRS, what would you rather do? 

I bet I can read your mind. Obviously you want to drive a new car, right?

People oftentimes don’t think taxes are factored into their life because taxes are a once-a-year thing. 

You think about it SO much on that one day and then you forget about it until next year. There’s a disconnect there. 

Just remember, tax strategies, if done correctly, can increase your cash flow. 

It’s zero sum, you either do it or you don’t. Either increase your cash flow or you pay Uncle Sam. 

So let’s decrease your taxes to the maximum amount legally and win the game every year.