How to Find an Accountant

Finding an accountant might seem like quite the endeavor. There are TONS out there, but how do you find the one that’s right for you?

First off, look for someone who respects your profession. For instance, if you’re in network marketing and you don’t have someone who respects that industry, it can make things very difficult.

So what are some differentiating keys to look out for with this? Well, If your accountant makes comments about how your network marketing business won’t be around forever and you should save all the money you can, that’s clearly a big red flag. Personally, several of my clients have had this told to them by previous accountants.

Something else to keep an eye out for is if your accountant refers to your JOB as a HOBBY.

If they do this, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Find an accountant who will spend a bunch of time with you. I’m not talking about inefficient time, I’m talking about taking the time to understand your business and where you’re at as an individual.

It would surprise you how many accountants are happy to take your money and file your taxes each year, these types of accountants look at you as a transaction. Not as someone they can help to reduce their tax bill.

If you don’t have someone who understands what you do, how will they be able to offer you advice?

An important trait to look for in an accountant is someone who recommends you have an LLC or some type of entity, regardless of what stage you’re in. This is a good sign. Remember, you don’t have to be making loads of money to have an LLC.

Look for someone who is present and interested in what’s going on in your world. They don’t even have to be a CPA. They can be an ABA, an EA, a registered tax preparer – doesn’t matter. As long as they want to understand your circumstance and they’re giving you at minimum basic tax strategies.

Nerd Language:
A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. An ABA is an Accredited Business Advisor/Accountant. An EA is an Enrolled Agent.

I have BollitProof members and clients who have shown us emails from their accountant that were argumentative and even aggressive when the client asked about something as simple as kid on Payroll.

Comments like “let me look into that” and “I’m not going to do that, go find someone else” are commonplace. The real translation: I don’t know the answer but I don’t care and I really don’t want to actually do work, just file your taxes and take a fee.

An accountant isn’t supposed to just be someone who you drop your stuff off to once a year; you could use turbo tax for that.

The only way to reduce your taxes is to add tax strategy and that’s exactly what your accountant should be there for. That’s the difference between using Turbo Tax and using a real person who gets you.

On that note, the most important thing you can do is to be picky!

This is your livelihood we’re talking about. If you can’t find someone you trust, take our strategies from BollitProof and do it yourself. Technically, you have all the resources you need here.